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From Fearful to Fierce: Authenticity Is Key

From Fearful to Fierce: Authenticity Is Key

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The FFtF Self-Care journals are for jotting down inspiring thoughts, life-lesson tips, and the ah-ha, epiphanic moments we sometimes have and then forget when we don't write them down.

Journals are amazing.

Besides being treasure troves of exciting secret yearnings and desires, they provide avenues to jot down your ideas daily so you don’t lose track of important, thought-provoking pearls of wisdom.

With their beautifully designed, well-lined pages, the FFtF Self-Care Journals offer a fantastic opportunity to explore the vast landscape of your imagination, capture random thoughts, goals, and snippets of life's brilliance - your life’s brilliance. So, grab one, two (or all three) for yourself, your friends, or your staff. It’s time to leave reality behind and embark on a journey where imagination reigns supreme with just a pen and a piece of paper.
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